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What is Ruby Shoes Wine Club?

It’s a club where the only pre-requisites are that you like to explore wine, beautiful scenery, good food, and aren’t a snob.    There are no entry fees.   No long-term commitment.
We ask that you stay a member for a least a year to give it a good try, but if circumstances arise that have you wanting to check out for a while, let us know.   But I’m guessing that once you start enjoying these wines at prices discounted from 10-25% (depending on your membership level), you won't be leaving anytime soon.

Ruby Shoes is my attempt to introduce the beautiful wine country that exists in my own backyard to the friends I have met along my journey down the yellow brick road.   I was born here, and these are my old stomping grounds.  But I left to chase adventures and a career in television news.   And what adventures I had, and wonderful people I met along the way.

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