Board of Directors

Hey every good company needs a good Board of Directors, right?   Well I happen to think I have one of the best.   They were formed after our fairly regular glasses of wine at sunset over a bonfire afterwards when I was talking about Ruby Shoes and it was little more than an idea.   One of them said, “You know, Jeanette, you really need to form a board of directors and get some professional advice on finances, web-business structures, the wine industry etc.”   I looked around and realize many of the pieces of the puzzle were sitting before me.   “Congratulations!” I said.   “You’re on the board.  You’re on the board.  You’re on the board.”  

It was said with a big round of laughs but the truth is, born out of that evening I got the start of what today is my board of directors.   A fabulous group of people that includes the CEO of a chain of banks, an executive of an e-commerce company, a graphic designer, a psychiatrist (Lord knows we needed one of those as this thing got going) a professional party planner, a marketer, a few moms, and just a great group of people who more than anything have offered up moral support, and reminders to celebrate the little moments along the way when taking on a new project.   Because we really only do have today for sure, so whatever we’re doing we should do our best to enjoy the process in our quest to reach a goal.

They have taught me to try to focus on the Five F’s in this process:
Faith, Family, Fitness, Finances, and Friends.    

And boy have they made hitting that last mark easy.   I am so grateful to them all, and as Ruby Shoes evolves you are likely to meet theme here and there.

They are all, of course, lovers of wine, and my advisors when I pick one for the club.   In addition to helping me with the business, not-so-fun end of a start-up, they have offered their tasting expertise when I find something I like.   Sometimes I take their advice, sometimes I don’t.   But that’s how it goes with wine…we all have our own preferences.    So as time goes on, you’ll likely get to know the board members and their tastes.   Once you figure out who’s yours match up with it could be helpful If I mention they happen to love a certain choice for the wine shop or tried to talk me out of offering one in the club, you can choose accordingly.  

One thing they do all have in common is, they are incredibly fun, honest, generous, smart supportive people who I am lucky to call friends, and have as members of the Ruby Shoes Wine Club Board of Directors!    

Some of the brands that make up the
Ruby Shoes experience