Our Story

Janice & Jeanette - Business Partners

It’s one of the great things about coming home.  You have old friends there.   I mean I have GREAT friends in Iowa and Minnesota, but you can’t replace time and years with someone.   And when you move home, you find yourself among familiar faces who have known you through all the phases of your life.  Janice is one of those.

We didn’t grow up together, in the sense we weren’t childhood friends.   But we met the first day we moved into the dorms at Cal Poly as freshman, and became college roommates and great lifetime friends.

Janice is one of the most level-headed, logical, honest people I know, and so much fun.  She’s also one of those perfect mothers (although she will always laugh when I say that) with a wonderful husband and great life.  It’s been great to always have her to process events in my life and now to share this fun adventure with.

Janice handles the business end of Ruby Shoes and talks me down whenever I start losing my balance or perspective in life or business.    


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