The Wine Club

It’s about the experience as much as the wine.

Look, I love good wine.   And Ruby Shoes won’t be recommending or sending anything I haven’t tried and hand-picked.   These are the wines I am thrilled to find and stock up on.   In most cases, you won’t be able to get them at any store near you, and they’re not the wines that wineries are trying to off-load because they aren’t selling.

That’s why we’re limiting our initial membership to 500.    We aren’t getting wines mass-produced.   This is a niche wine club and we want you to get something special in your shipments.    As we grow organically and evolve, we’ll try to figure out a way to expand and maybe mix it up between wineries to bring in more to the club.

We’ll also be including stories, and lots of pictures about where your wine came from, and a virtual tasting with me and the winemaker or vineyard manager to give you more of a sense of why I picked what arrived at your door.

It’s going to be fun.   And isn't fun the best thing to have?  (Thank you, Arthur, for that awesome line!)   I can’t wait to show you my stomping grounds and how there really is No Place Like Home.

Okay, I’m in!  So how does this work?

I’ll choose a different winery every three months and I'll hand-pick wines from each one for your Ruby Shoes shipment.   I’ll profile the winery and my stories of how I discovered it on this website.  

Four times a year,  you’ll get a shipment of my favorites from a different winery.     That’s something that is really different from most wine clubs you’ll find.    You’ll be getting wines from a variety of vineyards and wineries right here on the Central Coast.     And they won’t be what the winery wants to sell you, but what I have gone out and chosen after tasting them myself.

Then after your shipment arrives, if you chose, you can join me for a virtual tasting on a given date and you can open your wines with me and the winemaker who produced them, or just join the fun on-line and see where your wines come from and what we’re suggesting you pair them with.

And as part of the being a Ruby Shoes member, you’re hooked up should you ever venture out this way.   I’ll let you know some of the coolest places to stay, restaurants I love, and recreational opportunities you must check out when you come.   And as a Ruby Shoes member you’ll be enjoying discounts at most of them!

Plus, as a member of Ruby Shoes, you'll get to experience some of what it is like to be a member of that winery's club.   You may enjoy free tastings when you visit the winery, or a special tour or a discount on their special events.

But there’s more.   I am attending wine events and tastings all the time.  (We have some 400 wineries within an hour radius of my house) so when I stumble upon a really good one, I’ll profile it in the wine of the month feature.   And for whatever time the supply we can land our hands on lasts, you’ll get to buy them at discounted Ruby Shoes prices. .(Everyone can buy these but Ruby Shoes members get first crack and only you will get the club discounts.)   I’ll also fill the shop with some others I enjoy as I discover them and can get my hands on them.   Remember, some of the best come from the smaller wineries, so supplies can be tricky, but I have that persuasive reporter spirit and if it’s possible to get some, I will!


I knew you’d get there soon enough!  

First, decide how serious of a wine consumer your are.  (Or how generous or popular you are… many gifts of wine will you be giving, how many parties do you attend where you want to bring a unique, out-of-the ordinary, great wine?)

We have three levels of membership:

Yellow Brick Road:   You will get 3 different bottles of wine from each winery profiled.   You enjoy a 15% discount on retail prices.


Ruby:  You will get two of each of the three wines we have chosen for that quarter.   You enjoy a 20% discount on retail prices.


Emerald:   Why waste time. You've been there, done that, got the T-shirt. You love the yellow brick road, but you're kind of at the point where you want to by-pass the adventure of the flying monkeys, poppies and wicked witch and head right to glistening castle on the hill. You want to build up your supply of wines from this amazing wine region. And you want to enjoy early access to limited releases in the wine shop. You enjoy a 25% discount of retail prices in the club shipments, and the very best we can offer in the shop. (There will be some wines offered by vintners they won't let us sell at club level discounts but these are wines they don't release to it's a nice trade-off.)


Plus with every shipment, we’ll include a little gift to thank you for being part of the Ruby Shoes Vision.


Other advantages:    We’ll keep you in the loop of things happening on the Central Coast that are wine-related, so you can plan your vacations accordingly.   (And there are plenty!)   I know the times of year you are dying to get out to warmer climates and will fill you in on great escapes that will take the chill out of your winter bones.   Or set you up for a little seaside getaway that will have you saying summertime!”

Some of the brands that make up the
Ruby Shoes experience