Featured Wineries

Spring 2014-- Hearst Ranch Winery

Winter 2013--Tobin James Cellars


Fall 2013 Featured Winery-Silver Horse Winery


Summer Featured Winery- Still Waters Vineyards


Spring Featured Winery- Daou Vineyards


Winter Featured Winery- Adelaida Cellars


Fall Featured Winery - Calcareous Vineyards

So how does a winery end up on Ruby Shoes?

One at a time.  That’s the truth.  There are more than 500 wineries within a 60-mile radius of my house and, obviously, we could sell a lot more wine and make a lot more money if we put as many as we could on here and sold as much as we could.   But that’s not the point of Ruby Shoes Wine Club.

The point is to make introductions.    Obviously no one has the time to pay a visit to all of them on a vacation, and I don’t know a local who has been to them all.   So where do you start?   Well as Glenda the Good Witch said to Dorothy in Munchkin land, “It’s always best to start at the beginning”.   So I’m introducing you to the wineries I know and love.  One at time in the case of club shipments, and in small doses in the wine shop.

I am trying to share the places I find are fun to visit, have nice owners, winemakers and staff who will make you feel comfortable the minute you walk in the door, and who make good wine.    The featured wineries in the club shipments are wineries I would recommend paying a visit, and joining their clubs if you like the wine you get in your shipment.   They have good perks, good people, and you’ll have a good time having a connection to any of them. 

And the wines in the shop are just ones I’ve tried and like.   And many of them are small production wines you won’t find in stores.   Some are from winemakers who don’t even have tasting rooms, but know what they’re doing and are producing wines you will be proud to serve to any crowd.   And many are from up and comers who you will start hearing about in the trade publications that put wineries on the map.

Basically, they’re my recommendations, and I’m simply making the introductions.  But as often the case, when a mutual friend introduces two like-minded people, it can often be the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship.  I certainly hope that’s the case because the winemakers in Ruby Shoes Wine Club are worth getting to know!


Some of the brands that make up the
Ruby Shoes experience