The Parkfield Inn/V6 Ranch

This is one of my favorite getaways.     There’s no ocean view but you still get the release of views as far as the eye can see on your journey out to Parkfield.

Located about 35 miles from Paso Robles, it is located right along the San Andreas, which is why it is the self-proclaimed Earthquake Capital of the World.   At one time the USGS predicted the next big one would hit there, and millions of dollars in research equipment was installed here to help them get a handle on predictions.   Media from all over the world converged in this community of a couple dozen.  Nothing happened. 

Parkfield is an escape to a slower pace and a California way of life most people elsewhere I don’t think realize even still exists.

The Parkfield Inn and the Parkfield Café are owned and operated by John and Barb Varian, two of the nicest people you could ever meet.   That only makes sense, though considering the stock they come from.   The Varian family is all cream of the crop when it comes to good people.
Jack and Zee Varian are Grandma and Grandpa, and bought the 23-thousand acres that comprise the V-6 ranch where they raise cattle in the most holistic way possible.   Jack’s Granddad and brother were kind of pioneers of the Sierra Club in California, (with their good photographer friend….a guy named Ansel Adams) and Jack’s love of the land is in his genes. 

In an effort to prevent their kids and grandkids from dealing with disputes and divisions of the ranch when Jack and Zee are gone, they put the whole V6 ranch into a conservation easement.   In perpetuity, which, as Jack says, is a very long time.

Part of the charm of Parkfield is the Varian family, and you’ll no doubt run into them when you’re out there.     The Inn is 8 rooms hand crafted by Jack and John and decorated from ranch tools and knick-knacks.   And cold beer and local wines await just across the road at the café where the V6 grass fed beef burgers are to die for.  (Just MAKE SURE to save room for Barb’s home made apple Strudel.   I swear, it would win any pastry competition anywhere.)

And maybe it’s all the activities they have at the V6 that makes the food taste so good.   Because when you stay in Parkfield, if you time it right, you can join a cattle drive, go to cowboy camp, mountain bike, watch a rodeo, check out a bluegrass festival or enjoy a cowboy spa weekend.    There’s a truly unique and wonderful getaway waiting in Parkfield.  Make sure to tell them I said Howdy!

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