Sea Chest

At the Sea Chest restaurant along Moonstone Beach in Cambria you'll find the views are as spectacular as the food. Mix in the personalities to be found there as well, and it’s a must do in my opinion for locals and out-of-towners.  (And it’s just at the coastal end of highway 46, which great routes for wine tasting, which makes it a perfect end to a wine tasting venture.)

It's probably one of the few restaurants in America where the waiting area is in the parking lot.   And that’s part of the whole experience for a lot of folks, which is why the wait starts long before the restaurant even opens. The view from the parking lot waiting area makes the wait less painful for sure.   It’s right above Moonstone beach and provides a lovely spot to watch sunset.

There is also a lovely camaraderie to the ritual. Lori Worsham comes a couple of times a year from Eldorado County. "They told us about this place, and said we can bring chairs, and we can bring wine, and I went, alright! Let's go!"

The Sea Chest has been around for 36 years.  And if you like seafood, you’ll like the menu. You'll find four to five fresh catches of the day. scallops. crab. cippiono. Oysters Rockefeller, Oysters Casino. Clams Casino, Clams Italiano, calamari, the list goes on.   And more than a few people I’ve taken there have said the calamari is the best they’ve ever had.

What you won’t find at the Sea Chest is anything BUT seafood; so if you’re hankering for a burger, head somewhere else. 

I highly recommend sitting at the oyster bar where you can watch longtime manager Stephen Kniffin and they boys create their masterpieces and be entertained with the banter back and forth with regulars.   But if you are in the romantic mood, a window seat at the Sea Chest is hard to beat.  

They don’t take credit cards, but there is an ATM in the back.  Cash and checks only.   And this isn’t a place to go if you are in a hurry.  They don’t take reservations.   But the wait is worth it.  And again, for a lot of us, is all part of the magic that makes the Sea Chest a Ruby Shoes Wine Club recommendation.

So if you do go, make sure to tell the gang hello.  They are all great people and will make you feel right at home.

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