Zorro's Cafe and Cantina

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Zorro's Cafe and Cantina
927 Shell Beach Rd.
Shell Beach, CA, 93449
Phone /
(805) 773-9676

You know how it goes. Some of the biggest surprises come in the smallest packages. That's kind of the case in one of the hottest breakfast spots on the Central Coast. The folks at Zorro's Cafe and Cantina make good use out of moderate space, but they serve up big proof there's No Taste Like Home.

There's a reason there is almost always activity on this it's quaint cozy patio. And though it's close to the beach, it has nothing to do with the view.    Zorro's serves up some of the best Mexican food you'll find anywhere. People love the home made tortillas and other Mexican fare.  "They have wonderful tamales. Sweetcorn tamales. They have wonderful chili rellenos. It's just the best,” says Peggy Ioppini of Atascadero. She and her husband Robert are regulars every time they camp in Pismo Beach. "We come up here for breakfast, lunch and dinner! It's wonderful."

Zorro's continually earns honors in Best of Polls for the tasty food it serves up.  And while it's Mexican food is worth a visit alone, so are the fish and chips, burgers and pancakes.   Owner Cindy Foresee wanted to offer a wide variety of food served all day long. "You can come in and you can get a salmon salad for breakfast, and someone else can have bacon and eggs. Or a cup of chowder at 8 O’clock in the morning. That's also one of my philosophies, is you know, give the customer what they want."

She's also created a comfy little corner of the Shell Beach where people like to hang out.  The palm trees on the patio are complimented by all the unique decorations and greenery Cindy has found homes for in every nook and corner.   If you are visiting from out of town, remember the fog can roll in so bring sweatshirts if you want to take in the music she has playing on Friday evenings.   There are patio heaters (that actually work and staff won't balk at turning on for you!) and blankets available for bare shoulders or legs when the fog does roll in.   And dogs are welcome too! "Oh yeah, we got little dog treats for the dogs." says Foresee. "You know as long as their dog's are friendly, then we're dog friendly."

I am a regular.   But would have a tough time recommending what to order.  I was stuck on the tiger shrimp quesadillas for a while, but now am on a California Burger kick.   I think they make amazing pancakes, and their jives rancheros are great too.   And if you like tacos, schedule accordingly.    Every day from 2 to 6, it's Tacorona hour. $2 tacos and $2 Coronas and their tacos are fantastic.

Stop in and tell Cindy and the gang hi.   At Zorro's it's as comfortable as the food is good.

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