Beach Life

It’s what I know for sure.   I love living it.   When I moved back home, it was a leap of faith.   Listening to my gut.   Following my heart.    All that.   But there was a lot about it that didn’t make sense; financially, professionally, and personally in some ways at the time too.   I just felt like if I made the leap, the net would appear.   I wanted to come home. 

But the process hasn’t been totally easy.   I lost a lot in the transition.   And while I’ve always been certain I made the right move and am headed in the right direction toward my heart’s content, there are days.     And the thing that can always bring me to the peace of mind and spirit that I am where I am supposed to be, is to head to the water.   To the beach.

I so enjoyed my time in other regions of the country, but ask anyone who knows me well, and they will tell you how I am around sunset.   I need to be around water.    I would head down to the river when I lived in Des Moines, or drive out to Lake Panorama.   And the day I discovered Maynard’s at Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota was the day I knew I would do okay there.   But there is nothing like putting my feet in the pacific and watching the sun fall down over the horizion and realizing I am not getting on a plane tomorrow to head away from this place.   I am home, with a new appreciation of it.

And as hectic as life can get, I try to steal my moments of coffee with the seagulls and seals in the morning, or even wiggle an hour with a book on the little beach down the street when I can.   Because when the dolphins do their dance through the waves as they pass north or south for the day, or the lovely pelicans do a fly-by right overhead as I sit on the bench below, I feel a sense of belonging and connection that’s hard to explain.   And you don’t have to those who get “The Beach Life”.

I love the way nature sooths my soul at the beach.  I know it always will.   And it’s the beautiful thing about the Central Coast Wine Country.   You can enjoy the beauty and the fruits of the vines locally, and find yourself lost in the serenity of quiet coastline to be found here as well.    Whether you’re paying a visit, or have lived locally for years, don’t miss the magic to be found by simply heading to the beach for a while.

This is a place where I will post moments and memories from the place that I love to come home to.       Starting with a blog I wrote more than 2 years ago on a visit home.
In hindsight , it seems obvious the journey home was beginning about then.


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