Josh Kimball Photography

I discovered Josh and his art at an art festival in the Paso Robles downtown city park.  It wasn't long after I moved home and I was so intrigued with his talent at capturing the beauty of not only the Central Coast Wine Country, but the lovely ocean I love so much as well.   He seems to have a love for the same thing I do about this area, its diversity.

I bought his Vineyard Sunburst print at that show and it hangs in my kitchen and I get so many comments from people saying "Where did you get that?"  "Is that local?"   As a matter of fact it is!   So I'm making it easy for people to find Josh and his art.    And am so pleased to feature Josh on Ruby Shoes right off the bat.   It just seems right.

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Josh's Bio

While immersed in college life at UC Santa Barbara, Josh Kimball began shooting images of anything and everything with no formal training and a basic SLR. Soon after graduating, a few of his images ran in leading publications, and what began as a hobby soon became a career path as dozens of national and international magazines, books, calendars and websites collectively published several hundred of his images.

Recent photographic pursuits involve Kimball focusing on imagery of landscapes, vineyard scenes, and general ocean scenics, and when he's not shooting photos, surfing remains his favorite activity. Josh currently resides in Central California.


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