Lance Kinney

The Work of Lance Kinney


“Through my photography I focus my vision on the colors of life. It seems the more I see the absolute, the unadulterated, I am entrenched in color. When possible, I attempt to capture this light, this energy, and share this vision with others.”

ABOUT ME by Lance Kinney

I am a father to 2 beautiful girls and a Grandfather to "Maddie" almost 1 year old. So, I am surrounded by four lovely ladies which includes my wife Naomi.

I am a professional photographer residing in Avila Beach and am the official photographer for The Sea Life Center of Avila Beach as well as the Point San Luis Lighthouse.

I give photo seminars to young children in a program called My Camera, My World which utilizes donated cameras to teach young children how to "see' their world and to interpret it in images.

I have done this in Guatemala and Mexico with much success and am enjoying the interaction with young children.

I also donate my services as a photographer to many local non profits such as United Way, Woods Humane, I CARE International, Sea life Center, Point San Luis Lighthouse as well as many others.

I am in love with the Central Coast and enjoy photographing it's beauty !!





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