Calcareous Vineyard: an excellent place to start

Jeanette Trompeter
July 9, 2012 | Jeanette Trompeter

Calcareous Vineyard: an excellent place to start

I spent the afternoon yesterday up at Calcareous Vineyard's tasting room "doing business" for the Ruby Shoes Wine Club.  (it always seems so silly to call what I'm doing these days with business, but that IS what I was up to.)  While doing said "business" I was reminded why it is such a perfect choice for our first Featured Winery.

First of all, the place is gorgeous.   Second, the wines are fantastic.  We were picking out the options for those who prefer white or red-only options for their shipments, and it just never ceases to amaze me how many great varietals they have in both red and white.  (I encourage club members to try as many as you can by taking advantage of your club discount and ordering through our "Jeanette's shop" on  Finally, the people at Calcarous make it feel like you have just been invited over to someone's beautiful backyard to relax for a few hours.


We had a good group of about 10 and while some were playing badmitton, others were hitting the bocci ball court while the remainder enjoyed the view from the peak of the patio area and tasted some summer blends that made for a wonderful lazy Sunday afternoon.

It's why I'm thrilled to announce the date for the FIRST RUBY SHOES WINE CLUB PICK UP PARTY at Calcarous Vineyard is Saturday, September 15th from 5-7pm.   Iowans and Minnesotans, it's far enough away, you could plan a little California getaway and be part of the fun, and save shipping costs and pick up your wine shipment in person!   The Ruby Shoes gang will be happy to help you with your vacation plans if you think it's option.  Locals, I hope to see every single one of  you there.   And feel free to bring a friend or two or three you think may be interested in the fun that is part of Ruby Shoes Wine Club.  (We will ask for firm RSVP numbers two weeks out, though as we want to make sure we have enough fabulous food and party favors for everyoene.)

So cheers to Calcareous Vineyard for being such a rock star first partner in this amazing new adventure we're all taking.   And cheers to all of you for jumping on board the fun wagon we call Ruby Shoes.   Because there is No Tastle Like Home!


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