It's time to introduce my baby

Jeanette Trompeter
June 12, 2012 | Jeanette Trompeter

It's time to introduce my baby

I didn't plan on this happening. Nine months ago, I was just happy to be heading to a pick-up party at one of my favorite local wineries here on the Central Coast, and nine months later, here I am.

First, let me set a couple of things straight. For those of you not familiar with wine-clubs, pick-up parties aren't what you are thinking. They are parties wineries throw for their club members so they can pick up their quarterly wine deliveries instead of having them shipped. They are also usually a lot of fun and include food, music and socialization. Which is where I got into trouble.

Again, it's not what you are thinking. I hadn't had a chance to catch up much with my college roommate since I moved back, and she needed a break from playing wife and mom so I brought her along. We had a grand old time and on the way home she talked about how she never knew that particular winery existed, and how beautiful it was. And here it was right in her own backyard. I told her how since I had moved back, I couldn't get and about enough to check out the amazing views and scenery that I had missed so much. And how proud I was of how beautiful our wine country was here on the Central Coast.

I also talked to her about how people from Iowa and Minnesota would be blown away if they if you said "California Wine Country" they all thought Napa/Sonoma.) It is my humble opinion, the Central Coast offers more scenery, more options for leisure time, and amazing wines too. Plus the people are down to earth and friendly as mid-westerners.

So I started talking about an idea I have had for a years, but had not really moved much with. "You have to do this" my pal Janice said. "But I don't have the time to do the research, and really get the ball rolling." But if not, now, then when? And that is what I consider the beginning of Ruby Shoes Wine happened as we were cruising down the back roads of Paso Robles Wine Country.

A series of meetings, dead-ends, coaching sessions, breakthroughs, and lots of glasses of wine followed since that day, and nine-months later, Ruby Shoes Wine Club is born! I'm showing her off to the world today. I hope to reconnect with a lot of Iowans, Minnesotans and Central Coast locals along this journey. Because there is No Place and no Taste like home, and I'm really excited to share it all with you.


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