My Days Are Always Better With This....

Jeanette Trompeter
October 18, 2012 | Jeanette Trompeter

My Days Are Always Better With This....

I wonder sometimes what it is about me, but as long as I can remember I've been drawn to the water.  And the sun.

I sometimes feel guilty about the way I love to lie under it's rays, next to a body of water...any body of water, but particularly the Pacific.   But one thing I know for sure, is that it's been that way as long as I can remember.
Was it my Dad's love of the ocean that was passed genetically down to me, or me overhearing him talk about it, watching him run to it when he got off work to maybe get a quick dive in, or launch his small boat right through the surf to catch dinner that night. I'm not sure, but I love to look at it and be in it.
I got up early the last couple of days and caught sunrise.   Anyone who knows me knows I'll be at the beach for sunset anytime my schedule allows, but I love sunrise just as much, and I had forgotten how much so until the last couple of days.    But instead of doing coffee on the couch, or in bed, I got up, threw on some clothes and headed down to the water.  
It's really a miracle to watch it happen.   I did it all the time when I worked a day shift in Minneapolis, even in the middle of winter.   I'd take my dog down to a frozen lake and watch the way the sun sparkled on the ice crystals of the settled snow on top.   And hear the sounds of nature, and the city waking up.  The last couple of days I did the same and watched the magic of Mother Nature wake.   
First there is the glow over mountains that the sun seems to be climbing.   Then a bit of activity from the marine birds that have been hunkered down overnight on the rocks below.   And just before the sun crests the mountains, a fly-by of the birds.   They seem to do a little aerial dance just before the golden orb takes command of things.   It's a beautiful moment.   And then it's officially daylight.   The birds land and preen and flap their wings and settle for awhile.   I watch the seals arch on top their respective rocks as waves roll by and threaten to wash them into the water, but like me, they are hesitant to give up their beds and start the day too quickly.    And I am incredibly grateful I got my butt out of bed to watch it all.
I recalled this morning, my high-school friend Lisa and I walking in the pitch black dark of our neighborhoods to meet on the corner between our homes so we could walk down to the beach to watch sunrise.   It must not have been normal high-schooler behavior because my mom was always suspicious what Lisa and I were really up to.  I'm not saying that we never were up to hijinks of some sort.   But not on these mornings.   We simply thought it was so beautiful and loved getting cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate afterwards then heading home to get ready for school.
I wonder if it's just a part of me.  My love of sunrises, sunsets, and the water.   I wonder more why I fight it, and don't arrange my life more to go where my spirit seems to be drawn.   Because I know my days are better when I do.  


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