Paso Wine gets #12 on World's Best List

Jeanette Trompeter
December 12, 2013 | Jeanette Trompeter

Paso Wine gets #12 on World's Best List

Paso Robles Wine Country is getting some international attention again. We told you how WIne Enthusiast named it Wine Region of the World for 2013. Well, the big competitor to that publication, Wine Spectator has named Turley Wine Cellars Dusi Vineyard Zinfandel to it's top 100 wines of the world for 2013. In fact, it comes in at #12!

Wine spectator calls the Turley Dusi Vineyard 2011 Zinfandel "Rich and powerful, but focused like a lazer, with with wild berry and toasty briar aromas that lead to ripe but complex flavors of black cherry, licorice and spicy orange peel. The tannins are big but fleshy."

Wine Spectator says it will remain wonderful through 2022. Good luck finding any, though. There were only 900 cases made and Turley's tasting manager says they only had about 20 cases left when the list came out.


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