Ruby Shoes Wine Club Anniversary

Jeanette Trompeter
July 10, 2013 | Jeanette Trompeter

Ruby Shoes Wine Club Anniversary

No way!   I can't believe it but Baby Ruby is a year old!

That's how Janice and I often refer to Ruby Shoes Wine Club as we felt like we had both given birth when we started, complete with a little baby weight (on my part) from a bit of stress and maybe even a little post-partum depression.   I think we both kind of thought we'd launch the business and then we could kick back and enjoy.  But babies need to be fed, changed, and paid attention to, and so do new business ventures!
As proud parents often say about having children, though, it's all been worth it.   Baby Ruby is growing fast, and it seems more rewarding each day watching it happen.   We're damn proud, in fact.
To celebrate our anniversary, I took two weeks off (really almost three if you count 4th of July and festivities that followed) and Janice is going to take a little break next week.
And then look out, because wait until you see what we have in store for next year.   If you have a friend or relative who has shown an interest in joining the Ruby Shoes Wine Club, seal the deal.   Because anyone who signs up between now and the end of September will be considered a "Charter Member" of the club.   That means first chance opportunities to attend events we have planned next year and beyond.   And if they put you down as a referral, you get 10% off your fall shipment.
We'll also be expanding our wine shop as we have access to some new great wines just being released, many by winemakers who don't distribute because they're artisan winemakers who are producing small production gems.  We've also able to ship multiple brands in a box to all of you, so if you haven't been, check out "Jeanette's Shop" now and then.
We're incredibly grateful for all of you who have followed us on this journey to this point and don't worry, we'll always want to "Dance with who brung us to the party" first.   And don't kid your bad self, Baby Ruby may have been a labor of love in her first year, but there won't be any terrible twos in our second year!

Get ready my friends.  It's going to be a blast!
Jeanette Trompeter and Janice Kelsey



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