Take Time

Jeanette Trompeter
November 25, 2013 | Jeanette Trompeter

Take Time

Every day.  It happens every single day.  The only question is whether I take the time to witness it.  

I live near the beach and love heading down there first thing in the morning and at sunset.   There's a different energy to both times of day but something special in both.    What I am amazed at, is that no matter how many times I make the trek, mother nature puts on a show of some sort for me.  Every single time.  And particularly, it seems, in the morning when all the creatures stir and come to life for the day.

I am well aware of this phenomenon but was reminded just how much so this past week.    Like most of us, my mornings can get rushed.  So, sometimes I just make a fly-by past the beach on my way to yoga, a run, work, or wherever.   On those days, I feel I don't have the time to go just sit with my cup of coffee and take it all in. 

I'm talking about the show mother nature inevitably puts on.   Even still, even on those days, the way the sun sits on the water....or how the cloud formations frame it's ascent into the sky can stop me in my tracks long enough to find a heart full or gratitude that I am getting to witness it.    However, to really witness the show I think you have to sit...still enough...to let it unfold before you.   I'm not talking long, but a matter of minutes and just observe.

Last week I was hurrying to get out the door and on the road for a meeting.  I thought "I don't have time for beach coffee today."  What I did feel I needed was to stretch my legs before I spent a couple of hours in the car and hours throughout the day, sitting.  So, I thought, I'll just take the tiniest of walks...down along the bluffs by my house over the Pacific.   It really isn't far...less than a quarter mile probably for the short loop to the beach and back.   Hardly worth putting the sweats on for, but my legs needed something before they spent the rest of the day in a sitting position so off I went.   And boy did Mother Nature teach me a lesson.  

As I neared the water's edge, the way the sun was changing the sky and reflecting on the water made me smile immediately.    The Pacific hadn't seemed to awaken yet.   It seemed it was still sleeping, being rocked in the arms of the universe with only the slightest movement, and almost silent splashes on the shore.   This magnificent body of water which I have seen appear downright angry during storms seemed simply to be resting.   And the creatures it supports were playing in that serenity.  

First a pool of seals, maybe 30 or 40 of them traveling as a group, splashed and surfaced and dove together.   They seemed to be showing off for each other, each leaping completely out of the water at some point and diving back under.   They looked like they were having a blast, and I wondered what prompted the party.     The grin on my face spread through my body more as I felt lucky to have been here to witness the antics.  

I continued on my mini loop, keeping my eye on the pod when right behind them, stage right...the dolphins joined the performance.   Their movements were more majestic as they cruised above and below the water one right after another.  They seemed more like graceful ballet dancers following the clowns up ahead in the parade.   The smile grew wider on my face and down deeper into my heart.   And then as I turned to head back for home, another group joined the performance: two humpbacks spouting first and surfacing moments after.    I couldn't believe it.   A beautiful trifeca in a 10-minute stroll.     My smile was now an opened mouth laugh at the wonder of the show before me.   "Thank you" I said out loud.   To God.  To the universe.  To the beautiful creatures below.  

The shows aren't always so spectacular.    Sometimes it's a single otter cruising on it's back with a sea-crustacean of some sort on its belly.   It's breakfast time for the otter and it's amusing to watch a seagull or two floating very nearby hoping for some "table scraps" or an opportunity to take the meal away completely.   Sometimes it's a formation of birds flying by in formation, or a group of them scattered haphazardly simply playing in the wind currents.   Or it can be the seals beached on a rock a little before or after the perfect tide conditions for a nap.  It's amusing to me to see them arch their backs and work to hold their balance as the waves sweep over their "beds" and threaten to take them along for the ride.    

The scenarios are endless.   But they happen every single day and all I have to do is take the time to let the performance unfold before me.  

It's been a good week of perfect conditions for these performances friends.   I've seen whales every day for five days in a row.  The water has been so calm and the sun is sparkling on it's surface.    We are forecast to get some rain, which we desperately need on Thursday.   So if you can get down to the water and take in the show.  


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Viralis RX
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Bio Tech Pro
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Advanced Cardio RX
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