It's Official, Baby!

Jeanette Trompeter
August 25, 2013 | Jeanette Trompeter

It's Official, Baby!

For the last few months, my business partner Janice and I have had a dilemma.  When do we crack that bottle of champagne we’ve been saving and mark the year anniversary of Ruby Shoes Wine Club?   We really have several days we could mark.

Is it one year from the day we both wrote checks and made the commitment to start the business?   The day we signed contracts with the compliance folks who allow us to legally ship wine to you all?   The day we flipped the switch and was born?  The day the first person gave us a credit card number and signed up to be a member (thank you Todd LeMay, owner of Bladerunner Salon) or the day we sent our first shipment?   You see what I mean?

Well, we decided we will celebrate our anniversary this month, a year from our first pick-up party last September.   That is when we were joined by many of you for a spectacular evening of wine-tasting and star-gazing at Calcareous Vineyard, our first Featured Winery.    It was when we had our first ribbon-cutting ceremony, made our first shipment, and got our first check.  It’s when our previous few months of crazy-making preparation transformed into the fun reality we had dreamed of.


As if often the case, our first year hasn’t come without bumps and a few bruises that are part of the learning curve.   We thank those of you who were billed twice that first shipment as we learned how to use our fancy new software for your patience and understanding.  We are grateful for our friends and family who put up with us being tired and cranky too often as we rode that learning curve and hung in there with support rather than judgment.   We thank those of you who signed up in this, our first year.   You are charter members now and forever and we won’t forget to dance with those who brought us to the party in our second year.   And thank you most of all to the lovely winemakers and their staff members who held our hands as we figured out this new way of partnering-up together.

I could go on and on about how grateful I feel to each and every person involved in this first year, but let me just say I will be going down the mental list when we do pop the cork next month on this milestone.    And we’ll be toasting with many of you at our pick-up party at Silver Horse Winery on September 13th.    Our baby Ruby is a year old already and I have a better sense of what’s ahead for year two.   Get ready Ruby Shoers, it’s going to be a blast!



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